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Construction Paper Dress and Windsock

11 Aug

As y’all know, I love making crafts or projects using the bazillion brown paper grocery bags we have stockpiled in our kitchen drawer from over the years (like this One Minute Paper Bag Monster) or other recyclables lying around our house that would otherwise turn to waste (like this Repurposed Easter Grass Garden, these Rock Candy Maracas or our paper roll projects like these telescopes, binoculars and finger puppets).

This time around we made a paper dress using the top of a brown paper grocery bag and strips of construction paper:

When the fun of the dress wore off, we hung it in our backyard as a colorful, fluttery windsock:


  • brown paper grocery bag
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape

Step 1

Cut off the top third of the grocery bag, which will form the top or “bust” portion of the dress.

Step 2

Snip lengthwise strips of the construction paper in whatever colors suit your fancy.  Tape the strips hanging vertically from the bust.

Step 3

Cut an additional strip as a border for the top of dress and tape it down horizontally.

Do the same for the remaining three sides of the bag.

Step 5

Embellish with cutout shapes or glue on gems and glitter.  Now twirl!

LEARN!  Colors, scissor cutting, pretend play.


The Simplest Homemade Wrapping Paper

16 Feb

Completely enamored by Chloe’s new fragrance, Love, Chloe, I bought my own Valentine’s present this year.  (Well, Hubby also got me something).  But buying your own gift doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be presented beautifully.  I didn’t have any wrapping paper handy, so I enlisted Jane’s help.  This is by the far the easiest wrapping paper we’ve made and it took just a few minutes.


  • construction paper*
  • tape (clear or double-sided is best)
  • crayons or markers

Step 1:  Arrange the gift in the center of the construction paper.  We chose red for Valentine’s Day, but any color works.  Keep in mind that the darker the color, the less crayon will show up.

Step 2: Fold one edge of the paper over the gift.  Then, do the same thing from the other side.  To keep the paper taut, tape down the first side to the gift before pulling over the second side.

Step 3: Fold in the two edges as you would normally do with regular wrapping paper, using tape to secure the construction paper.

Step 4: Give your toddler crayons or markers and free reign to decorate as s/he sees fit.

And voila!  The simplest homemade wrapping paper.

*In fact, you don’t even need construction paper — any paper bag (like a brown grocery bag or retail store shopping bag) can be your wrapping paper canvas by turning it inside out.

Valentine’s Day Picture Frames

14 Feb

Today, Jane and I made these easy Valentine’s Day picture frames for Hubby.

First, Jane painted the two $1 wooden frames with regular poster paint.

Originally, I had planned to use pink and red enamel gloss, but Jane had other ideas.

Then, we let the paint dry.

Next, while waiting for the paint to dry, I cut out photos of Jane and Sam into heart shapes to insert into the picture frames.

Finally, we attached wooden cutouts to the frames with permanent double-sided tape to add the finishing decorative touches.

Super-easy project for Jane, and Hubby loved them!

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