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CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT. This Week: Crave Guinness

10 Aug

This week I’m craving a fresh glass of Guinness, like this one I had from Bewley’s in Dublin last week:

or this pint from Buggle’s in Kilrush:

Did you know that the black brew is actually the lightest non-light beer?  At just over 200 calories a pint, and with tried and tested medicinal properties (like warding off bubonic plague and fortifying pregnant women), you owe yourself a swig of this stout!  As they say, “Guinness is Good for You.”



Survival Of The Fittest {Paul Smith Spectacles Review}

21 Jun

When I was little, my mother thought I had muscular dystrophy because I couldn’t squat, sit and run like the other kids.

It didn’t help that I was duck footed (thanks, Dad) and waddled around, hips swaying from side to side led by wayward outward pointing toes.

A few years later, in the first grade, it was also apparent that I couldn’t see.  I’ve donned a pair of spectacles – or contact lenses – since then to perfect my less than perfect minus 10 prescription.

Those are just a few of the traits that would have made me easy sabre tooth cat prey if these were Paleolithic times.

Can you imagine:  while my father and brothers were out hunting woolly mammoth and my mother was busy  harvesting berries, I would have blindly wandered off into the blurry distance and straight into the fangs of any number of eager carnivores.

As far as survival of the fittest goes, I would be dead meat.

Recently – and to my vain horror – my opthamologist told me that my eyes are not happy with the amount of time they spend trapped under anaerobic hydrogel material and that I need to wear my glasses more often.  I hate wearing glasses.

For one, I try to mask every indication that I would not be here today if it were not for modern science keeping me and my progeny from going the way of the Dodo.

Secondly, glasses are a pain.  They fog, they slip, they mess with your depth perception.

The worst thing about glasses:  they’re ugly.  I know countless of people wear glasses, including everyone in my family and Hubby, but I have never warmed to the idea of wearing 5-inch thick coke bottles over my otherwise attractive eyes.

But health is health.  So I’ve decided to go for it and toss the contact lenses for a while.  Lucky for me, I stumbled upon these supremely awesome spectacles from Paul Smith:

Aren’t these just a vision of beauty?

They’re so lightweight it’s like not even wearing glasses at all.  Plus, the funky blue color means I can shorten my makeup routine and go without my usual blue shadow.

Best of all, they can handle a heavyweight prescription like mine.

{These are the high index lenses if you can believe it}

They also come in a light gunmetal-ish grey if you’re not so adventurous and a metallic red if you’re bolder than I am.  Find them here.

CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT. This Week: Love Support For Pediatric Cancer Research

15 Jun

This week I’m loving the fact that I can support pediatric cancer research by participating in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon this September:

I chickened out last year since the race was only 3.5 months after Sam was born. Now that he’s already 1 and I’m a good 30 pounds heavier than I was before he arrived, I’ve run out of excuses (unless . . .).

Visit my page here for more info on how you can help me help the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’s efforts to battle childhood cancer.

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