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Why Aren’t You Sleeping? {Part 2}

20 Jun

“I have to do something important.”

What do you have to do?

“I have to work on my Blackberry.  Please stop being so loud, I need to check my e-mail.”

Jane, age 2.25


Why Aren’t You Sleeping? {Part 1}

14 Jun

“This pillow isn’t working.'”

-Jane, age 2.25

Bedtime Stories

1 Jun

This is my toddler’s brain:

Image via Elements4Health

This is my toddler’s brain on TV:

Once upon a time there was a brother and a sister.  They lived in a castle in a land that’s not so far away.  One day they wanted to eat at a restaurant.  But then they saw a dragon.  He wanted to eat their graham crackers.  So they said, “Swiper, no swiping!”  But they weren’t scared.  Ghosts are just pretend.  Come on, Super Readers:  to the rescue!  How do you pretend to be a ghost?  The first step is to be white.  What else can we use?  “Oh, Toodles!”  What does the word “ghost” start with?  The letter G.  What sound does the letter G make?  “Guh.”  Hooray!  We’re on our way to save the day!  Let’s build a doghouse for the dragon and the ghost.  But what if they don’t want to be rescued?  Mission completion, Mateys.

-as told to me by Jane, 2.25 years old

Is too much television helping or harming her brain development?

That’s a whole ‘nother blog post.  I just had to share this oddity of spontaneous storytelling with you.

Bonus points if you can name all of the children’s television programs referenced.

{Answer:  Team Umizoomi; Bubble Guppies; Dora The Explorer; Go Diego Go; Super Why!; Elmo’s World; Sesame Street; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; Special Agent Oso; Word World; Wonder Pets; Backyardigans; Little Einsteins; Jake and the Neverland Pirates}

After I sped up to make the yellow light,

25 Mar

“We’re going too fast, Mommy.  We going to get accident.”

Jane, age 2 (Disciplined by my own toddler.  Guess I must be teaching her something!)

Do you love me?

6 Mar

“I love you too much.”

-Jane, age 2

Do you want something to drink with your dinner?

4 Mar

“Yes; I want wine, please.”

-Jane, age 2 (I might have been unhappy about her choice, but she did ask properly!)

Are you going to say “I don’t like it” anymore?

1 Mar

“I don’t like it anymore.”

– Jane, age 2 (another attempt at discipline gone awry)

After Grandma said she had “no nuts” for Jane to eat,

26 Feb

“I want to eat ‘no nuts.'”

-Jane, age 2

Jane, do you have a tail?

22 Feb

“No.  I have hands and fingers and ears.  Mommy has hair, shoulders and arms.   And a big tummy.” 

-Jane, age 2 (Luckily, I followed up with the question, “Is Mommy’s tummy too big?” and she responded, “No; make it bigger!”  I do love children.)

Looking down into the potty, calling Number Two,

21 Feb

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!  Is anybody there?”

– Jane (age 2)

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